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What about it sweetheart?What about it sweetheart?
Cotapaxi (?) - 5900mON approach to Guayaquil - that's a lot of water - the (Guayas) river is in the middleWelcome to San Cristobal and mind the pooMother's love at last lightLast light  - San CristobalSunrise standing off Gardner Bay - Espanola want to help but .............Galapagos Legend standing off Gardner BayLava lizard - EspanolaGalapagos doveHood Mockingbird -  No fear - just curiosityand that goes for me too - Lava lizardMagnificent Frigate bird - pirate of the oceansOnly a mother could love them marine iguana on EspanolaI'm thinking - blue feet - good camouflage underwater??Hood Mockingbird spp. (Suarez Pt)

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