Fred and Sue Noteboom | Colombo - 28 April

Colombo - 28 April

April 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Arrived Colombo - midnight and seemed to wait an eternity for suitcases to come off the belt.  This morning someone who shall remain nameless got me (Badger) out of bed by saying that it is 9 o'clock - oops that is Perth time!  HER excuse is that we were both awake and traffic outside was noisy.

Colombo traffic is almost as bad as India with less respect for peds - perhaps the tourists are considered fair game.  First stop  - oh f..k - I forgot about taking photo gear into 100% humididity when it has been in air con all night.

After that hiatus, first stop was Victoria Park - mosque en route and installation of lights in preparation for Buddha's birthday starting tomorrow - four days of festivities (and we thought Arthur did well with extended birthdays!)

Some student art en plein air and signage confirming, once again, that the woman is always right!

Lunch and shopping at Barefoot Cafe and Gallery  - Sue drinking her first beer (ever) from a bottle.  My shopping wore her out so our friendly tuk tuk driver dropped her back at the hotel while I checked out the Gangaramaya (Buddhist) Temple.

Colombo put on a spectacular tropical storm to finish the day ..........


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